5 Signs That Indicate That You Have A Hearing Problem

It is very important to identify hearing problems early on since this will allow you to avoid suffering from more damaging issues later. However, very few people are able to notice that they have hearing issues at the beginning itself. And if you are wondering how to determine whether you are developing problems with hearing, then the below tips will be useful.

Trouble In Conversations

When in a group conversation, if you are not able to identify the separate voices, then it is definitely an indication that something is wrong with your hearing. If you repeatedly ask ‘what?’ after someone has made a point in a conversation, then that too can be taken a sign of hearing loss. You should also look at how good you are at hearing women since female voices tend to be at a higher frequency than their male counterparts. So, if you are unable to discern the female voices from the male voices in a conversation, then that can indicate that you have trouble hearing high frequency noises.

Cannot Listen To Phone Properly

If you cannot listen to your phone conversations properly, then you should be worried about hearing loss. After all, the phone is held close to your ear itself. Hence, any trouble with hearing such close sounds can indicate a potentially serious hearing issue. Plus, also watch out whether you are increasing the phone’s volume over a period of time since it can also be a strong evidence of hearing loss.

TV Volume Too High

Are you cranking up the volume of the TV too high that your family members complain about it? Or is the volume too high that your neighbors ask you to lower it? If such incidents have started occurring frequently, then it is a safe bet to say that you are suffering from hearing loss. You may not even realize that you are increasing the volume until someone tells you about it.

Background Noise

People with hearing issues will also have difficulty in separating background noise from the main conversation. So, if you are sitting in a crowded, noisy hotel, and you are unable to clearly make out the words that your partner is uttering, then you may have a hearing problem. However, keep in mind to never jump to this conclusion after just one incident. But if you notice this difficulty when in noisy places multiple times, then it is recommended that you get in touch with a professional hearing test service like https://listeninglab.sg as quickly as possible.

Turning The Head For Hearing

Normally in a conversation, you should be able to keep your head steady and still hear anyone around you. However, when your hearing is negatively affected, then you will start turning your head to the direction of the sound. For example, if someone is talking to you face to face, you might turn your head to the right so that your left ear is pointing straight at the person. And this is definitely a sign that you are suffering from a loss of hearing.