Recommendations Of Physiotherapists To Avoid Back Pain

One out of three individuals suffers from acute or chronic back pain every year due to many reasons. Fortunately, most of the cases get relief by taking medicine or doing some healing exercises like yoga for some period. However, if the back pain is serious and severe the best thing to do is visit a physiotherapy clinic Brampton for treatment. It will help in enabling the individual to perform regular activities without any problem and maintain a normal life despite the health condition. In case you feel that with the schedule at hand there is no way to meet a physiotherapist in Brampton then try the following for reducing the ill-effects of back pain.

Activity levels

One of the commonest things anyone would do after realizing to have a back pain is that they decrease or stop doing work that they used to do. This is very unfortunate and there is no need to change the lifestyle for the sake of back pain. This would only mean that the body will become more rigid and unresponsive to treatment at later stages. Therefore, try to be flexible and move the body even if it causes a surge of pain. Moreover, small pains or niggles would disappear if the activity levels are not reduced. Maintain the activity levels and remember to hire a therapist from if you feel that the pain is chronic and requires medical attention.


For instant relief it is suggested to take pain killers which would reduce the pain considerably. Please note that using too many pain killers is not advisable for any individual or age. Try Paracetamol or NSAID drugs like Ibuprofen for instant relief. Normally, they are available over the counter but in some areas there is a requirement of medical prescription to obtain Ibuprofen.

Maintaining a posture

Whether at work or walking on the street or doing exercises maintaining a posture is really important. Especially, do not hunch while doing work in front of a computer or typewriter. Always stay parallel to the backrest of the chair and try to take support of it for the greater part of work. According to a physiotherapist in Brampton most software and IT employs feel back pain because of this problem. They are so busy with their work and neglect how much pressure they are keeping on the spine. If there are no such provisions in your company, then it is your right to ask for a proper chair and desk to ensure your back pain does not come back or become serious.

Gain strength

What is better than overgrowing the self from the problem? Yes, it is possible to strengthen the body to overcome the pain of back pain. There are many workouts, stretches, exercises and tasks that could help the individual achieve this goal. If you visit a physiotherapy clinic Brampton for treatment the therapist can recommend them based on the capability of the person.

Follow these simple tips and your back pain will stay under control. However, if there is a severe pain the first thing to do is consult a general physician or a physiotherapist as soon as possible. For quick suggestions or admitting find us through our website or Facebook page or Yellow pages.