What Are The Mistakes That Married People Make

According to www.ellenstarrmarriagecounselling.ca/ many marriages around the world are not really in the best possible shape. And why is that so? Moreover, statistics show that even the success rate of second or third marriages is not that high as well. Is there a recipe for a long-lasting love or marriage?

What should you do if you are a firm believer in love but the statistics are not on your side? Well, there are actually ways that you can improve your marriage and live a happy life with your partner. It doesn’t have to mean that if you were hurt in your past that it is your fault. Everyone is destined to love and to be loved.

It should be noted that there are several reasons why marriages are falling apart.

If you or your partner already have the experience of being abandoned or hurt in previous relationships, it will be easier for you to leave. Yes, that is right. The other reason may be that you are so scared by the previous breakup that you are not able to work on the success of the next one. And if you have not recovered enough from the previous breakup, you will almost inevitably make the wrong choice, be sure about that. That is why it is advisable to wait for a certain period of time before you get into another relationship. You need to gather your thoughts and feelings and know exactly what you want from life. Then, when you are ready, you will meet the right person and fall in love again. Just make sure you do not rush into anything. Do not try to push things and then end up disappointed.

Remember the world does not run around you

Listen to your partner. Perhaps you are sometimes preoccupied with your concerns and thoughts, and you neglect the problems of your partner. It can happen, we are all just human beings. But do not make this into a habit and forget to ask your partner how their day was.  If you do not listen to your partner, be sure that they will soon find someone else who will listen to them.

Lock the door when you get into the bathroom

The access to the bathroom should be prohibited for your partner when you are inside and vice versa, unless there is some kind of an emergency. Do not let it be a free zone for everyone. This is really important to keep your intimacy for yourself. We all have physiological needs, but being too comfortable in front of your partner is just wrong.

Sex is the key

If you put sex at the bottom of your list of priorities, things will go down. Although sex is not a guarantee for a long and successful relationship, the lack of the same is the killer of marriages.

It’s important to have regular sex with your partner if you want your relationship to last. Do not forget to take a good care of your body and skin and look attractive to your partner. Buy some sexy underwear or some clothes that make you feel attractive.