Important Things To Understand About The Pinhole Surgery

With a number of dental procedures available to treat gum recession, it is natural to feel confused and have no clue about which option to choose. While you should discuss every option with your dentist, you are likely to get better results from the pinhole surgery. The procedure is quite simple and involves correcting the issue by making a small hole in the gum tissue. An experienced dental surgeon can handle it properly without making you deal with any complications.

Many people are now going for the pinhole surgical technique (PST), but many are still sitting on the fence with so many questions about the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. Statistics show that this procedure is quite safe when performed by an experienced dentist. Here are some other important things to know about this particular surgical procedure:

  • The procedure does not require any incisions, which is why you will not experience much pain during the procedure. Since there will be no incisions, you do not have to worry about any swelling. It is due to these factors that this minimally invasive surgery is the prime choice for most people with gum recession.
  • The pinhole surgery is much better than the standard gum grafting procedure for the reasons covered in the last point. During the standard procedure, your dental surgeon will take out a graft of the gum and then attach it to where it is needed. It means that after the procedure, you will be left with two surgical wounds. These wounds will take time to heal and you will have to follow a set routine and take special care to ensure proper healing.
  • The surgical procedure produces great results and in a short time too. The procedure will is more effective than many other techniques used for gum recession, but of course, the outcome usually depends on the nature and severity of the underlying problem. The pinhole surgery has a great success rate and the procedure will last for several years. You just need to pay attention to oral hygiene and avoid over-brushing to make your treatment last longer.
  • The benefits of the PST are many, but you need to keep in mind that it is not going to cure your gum disease. It is a restorative procedure that is supposed to help restore your gum line to its original form. Therefore, it is important to have your gum disease treated before going for the surgery.

The fact of the matter is that you should understand the importance of getting gum recession treated as soon as possible. When you have gum recession, it means that the underlying root structure has become exposed, which can lead to tooth decay and serious pain. There are different treatment options available to correct the issue but you will benefit a lot by putting your money on the pinhole surgery because it is safe and effective. It does not cause any pain because you will not have any incisions, and the recovery time is quite impressive too. Just ensure that you choose to work with an experienced and reputable dental surgeon to get good results.