How To Calm Your Nerves And Relieve Stress

Almost 50% of human health depends on his or her lifestyle. Constant tension, nervousness, workload… all of that contributes to the health of every human being. The feeling of anxiety almost never leaves us, and the continuing stress suppresses the immune system.

But the fight against stress is possible and necessary! Take advantage of the tips of that will surely help you cope with nervousness and tension.

1. Try to laugh! Laughter reduces the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body by 26%. Smile therapy helps in recovery after a heart attack, and is a wonderful physical exercise.

2. After stress, a relaxing massage helps a lot that which relieves tension in the muscles. You can also massage yourself by rubbing your arms, shoulders and neck.

3. You may also try some other methods that usually help you relax. For example:
– Hot tub – Water relieves tension in the muscles and soothes;
– Aromatherapy with soothing essential oils that you can add in the bath, massage. Soothing effects include oil of lemon, rose, jasmine, bergamot, anise, geranium, carnation, patchouli, chamomile, sandalwood, etc.
– Music – your favorite music can help you escape from sad thoughts and recover from stress;
– Meditation – Refer to the basic meditation techniques by adding them with relaxing music or sounds of nature;
– Books – appropriate are classical books, memoirs, travelogues, but not dramatic stories and horrors!

4. Do you have a pet? Then you need to know who to turn to for help in stressful situations! American scientists have found that dog owners have a much lower cholesterol, and that for cat owners the likelihood of heart attacks is up to 30% less.

5. As the body is directly connected to the brain, it must be unloaded well. For this, take a relaxing posture and concentrate on your sensations. You have to feel at the physical level how your body gradually calms down. Thus, the brain of negative emotions “switches” to physical sensations and stress recedes.

6. Full sleep – this is really necessary after nervous tension. So, drink a valerian or a cup of mint tea, and then sneeze well. You will see that in the morning the world will look much nicer and lighter!

7. Avoid alcohol or caffeinated beverages because they are not useful in stressful situations, as their effect is stimulant, and it will make it even harder for you to calm down after their use.

8. Share your experiences with a close friend. It is much easier to deal with problems when you feel genuine support.
9. If your stress is associated with work, you should try to make a clear distinction between your personal and professional life. After all, in your life there must be time not only for work, but also for yourself, your loved ones, your hobbies and interests, and also just a time when you do nothing. So, try to get out of work, leave all your work problems there, and do not bring them home.

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