4 Food Tips That Can Help You Get Through The HCG Diet Program

While the HCG diet plan is capable of providing excellent weight loss results, it actually takes a lot of discipline to get through the program. One big challenge will obviously be the food intake, which will be drastically reduced than your normal food consumption. To help you get the best out of the diet plan, we list out four food tips that you should consider implementing during the HCG period.

Rotate Food Sources

The HCG program is very restrictive when it comes to food. Since you can only eat 500 calories per day, you will mostly be stuck with a few food items. But it is very important to ensure that whatever nutrition you give your body, you rotate the food source of that nutrition regularly rather than consuming the exact same food source every single day. For example, if the diet requires you to eat 100 calories of protein, then you can eat chicken today, beef tomorrow, fish the day after, and so on. Do not keep eating chicken every single day. You might end up getting irritated if you only eat one single item. Plus, eating a variety of foods also gives your body a wider range of nutrition.

Medical Supervision

Before you start your HCG diet, be sure to consult your doctor about it. If you suffer from certain ailments, then you may not be ready for a low-calorie diet. As such, you may have to postpone it.  And even if you are ready for the diet, there may be certain food items in the program that may not be suitable for you to consume. Your doctor will be the best person to guide you and make you understand which food items you should include and which ones you should avoid during the HCG diet plan.


If you use any nutrient supplements, then you should be able to continue using it during the diet program. However, certain restrictions might apply. So, be sure to check the supplement restrictions and adjust your intake accordingly.  For example, you can take vitamin supplements during the HCG diet period except those like candy and gummy vitamins. In addition, supplements like magnesium and potassium are also allowed during the program.

Keep Low-Calorie Snacks Ready

Always keep-low calorie snacks ready to eat during the HCG diet period. This is especially true during the initial days when you may face a tough time adjusting to the low-calorie diet. For example, cut a few fruits and keep them in the fridge. You can then eat them whenever you feel strong hunger.

Follow the above suggestions and you should easily be able to complete the HCG diet plan successfully. Just remember to abide by the protocol as laid out by experts, and never try to cheat the program. If you need help with understanding which food items should be eaten during the diet period, check out the HCG diet food list from hcgdiet.com, which has a very detailed list of items sanctioned to be taken as part of the HCG diet.